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Charity Evening for St Helena Hospice, 3rd July 2024

A dog grooming demonstration was held in aid of St Helena Hospice.

Max, the star of the evening, is a Cockerpoo and was a model recipient of a grooming session in front of an audience. He allowed the groomer to brush, comb, clip and snip away without so much as a bark or flinch!

The grooming was accompanied by a very informative talk by Sam from ‘Tails’ in School Lane. We all learned a lot about what a grooming session involves as well as tips on how to keep our dog’s coat in tip-top condition between grooming sessions. And just to keep the audience on their toes, there was a tabletop quiz, where we had to listen for key words in the talk and highlight them on our sheets, as well as an end of session quiz to see how much we had learned!

The audience was also treated to refreshments and a chance to win a prize in the raffle.

Although the session ended at the prescribed nine o’clock, no one seemed in any hurry to leave, preferring to stay and swap doggie stories or seek advice from Sam.

Not only was the evening very enjoyable but the prime objective of raising funds for St Helena Hospice was achieved - a fantastic £259 being raised.

Thank you, Sam and Nicolle.


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