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Christmas Celebrations 2023

Updated: Apr 24

15th December 2023 - With the popularity of the homemade mulled wine last year, a double batch was ordered and kindly prepared by Katrina. Although the weather was more clement than last, it was still cold enough for everyone to accept the offer of a warming glass of the dark red nectar!

The community hub at St Stephen’s church was suitably decorated with a twinkling Christmas tree, evergreen foliage and candles. The tables looked inviting and festive with their red and white tablecloths.

Despite some illness in the village, those in rude health turned out to celebrate the season with friends and neighbours.

An array of nibbles were enjoyed along with the mulled wine and other assorted drinks.

And it seems that when the designated time to close the celebrations came, folk were not in a hurry to leave! Note for next year – extend the party!


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