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Community Christmas Celebration 2022

Updated: Apr 24

It was mid-December and the coldest, iciest night of the year so far, when the Events Committee set up the ‘Community Christmas Celebration’ which had been planned for some time. The tree was twinkling with fairy lights, the tables were set with nibbles and the mulled wine simmered invitingly. But on this coldest of nights would anyone respond to the hand delivered invitation, leaving the warmth of their homes?

At first, the few hardy stalwarts who support all the Events at St Stephen’s arrived. The topic of conversation inevitably the weather!

However, little by little, friends and neighbours appeared. Quite a few folk who had never stepped inside St Stephen’s Community Hub braved the elements too! Soon there was a warm ambiance in place, the sound of friendly chatter as people met up with neighbours or introduced themselves to other local folk, against a background of Christmas music and all helped along with the excellent home-made mulled wine. The icy blast of winter forgotten for a few hours!


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