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Defibrillator and CPR training evening ♥️ 16th May 2024

Having acquired a defibrillator last year for the use of the Community, three sessions were run in the Community Hub for local people to familiarise themselves with the equipment.

Following requests for another opportunity to run the training session by those unable to attend before, a session was run in May.

The session consisted of showing a British Heart Foundation DVD. This DVD gave  comprehensive advice of what to do if a person stops breathing and a demonstration of CPR. Alongside the DVD, there was an opportunity to practise CPR on a manikin. Most people were surprised at how hard it was to achieve the correct pressure on the manikin’s chest. The DVD also demonstrated how the defibrillator is used, and it is reassuring to know that one does not have to remember how to use the machine as it ‘talks’ you through each stage once activated by the touch of a button.

Defibrillator located in porch of St. Stephen’s Church at top of St. Stephen’s Lane.

To gain access to the defibrillator – dial 999 and an access code will be given.

If you missed our training sessions and would like an opportunity to be part of a future training event – contact Alan Banks 0797217250. We will arrange sessions to demand.


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